Blueprint for producing a dictator


How on earth did this apparently innocent little boy turn in to the monstrous, narcissistic, ignorant, psychopath who currently lives in the White House and dominates the bulk of the Western world?

There is an answer and it seems to me that his niece Mary has understood it well. In her new book ‘Too much and never enough,’ – (I bought my copy yesterday Mary and it should arrive today) – she says ‘there is no understanding Donald Trump without understanding his malignantly dysfunctional family.’ And she goes on to describe that trump4family in considerable and revealing detail. She says Donald’s father Fred is the villain of the piece and calls him a ‘ruthless, New York, workaholic, who slept about four hours a night and was driven by money’. He showed little interest in his five children other than grooming an heir for his property business. He spurned his eldest son Freddy but settled on Donald, deciding that his second son’s arrogance and bullying and his willingness to lie and cheat, were just what the office needed. The pattern was set. And the business thrived, when he died Fred Trump was worth $250-$300 million.

Unless we are very careful or have the good fortune to have had one or two loving and supporting parents. We will be what our parents have made us. Bad parents have appalling effects on their children.

From my own experience, I know that it is possible to come to terms with what has happened to us and come out the other side still damaged but managing to love our own families. But it takes a very long time and considerable support from somebody who actually loves us and accepts us as we are.

Trump and Johnson who is another narcissistic psychopath, have never had or seen any need to alter their behaviour or opinions in any way. The master of Eton, knew exactly what sort of boy he was dealing with when Johnson was in his school, he wrote home to his father saying:

“Boris has adopted a disgracefully cavalier attitude to his classical studies. It is a question of priorities, which most of his colleagues have no difficulty in sorting out. Boris sometimes seems affronted when criticised for what amounts to a gross failure of responsibility (and surprised at the same time that he was not appointed captain of the school for next half.) I think he honestly believes that it is churlish of us not to regard his as an exception, one who should be free of the network of obligation which binds everyone else.” 

So there it is, laid bare for our understanding, a boy who will grow up into the arrogant, elitist, bullying, womanising, misogynistic, racist, ignoramus who presently, god help us all, is the Prime Minister of this country. And his Daddy, who thinks that he too has the perfect right to ignore all rules and do exactly what he wants, is obviously the source of his son’s disastrous maladjustment.

I will give the final word to Mary Trump, she says ‘one of the reasons I was so devastated by what happened in November 2016 (when he was elected) was because, while I knew that he was categorically unfit and incompetent and cruel, I never foresaw that a 100% of republicans in office would just enable him to the extent they have.’

‘It’s been horrifying because in that sense, he’s not the problem. If he were being held to the same standards other people in his position have been held to, if they had cared about the transgressions he’s made, the lines he’s crossed, then he would have been neutralised, or at least reigned in. But they’ve given him permission to keep going.’

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