Dixie is feeling neglected


As you can see. He had positioned himself to assist with the current jigsaw puzzle, but Lottie and I were busy with the complicated central section of the current novel, so he was IGNORED. And all this when he’d spent the entire night out in the garden hunting, to keep the place clear of small birds and rodents and how self-sacrificing was that?!


No cat takes his literary duties so seriously – with the possible exception of Liz Fenwick’s Ziggy who he has to admit runs him quite close. The books in the library are always under his caring eye or his warming backside. All manuscripts are carefully inspected. He is on guard constantly, as you can see. He will keep a book open with his paws so that it can be read at any time it is required; he can lie across the keyboard to keep it under control, because it has a ridiculous tendency to print rows of the same letter and skip twenty or thirty pages with no provocation at all. He is all in all dedicated to his job.

dixie new

Above all, he has accepted the additional duty of sick-nurse without making any complaint. When the literary lady was ill enough to lie on the sofa during the day with her eyes closed, he sat along the back of the sofa as close to her as he could get and watched over her all the time. She says she couldn’t have got through the bad patch without him.

He is, all in all, and giving it all due consideration, probably the best cat in the universe. And modest with it. All he asks for is a little admiring attention, he considers it entirely unnecessary for people to keep saying ‘Off!’ when he is guarding a jigsaw.





3 thoughts on “Dixie is feeling neglected

  1. Ah yes – cats know these things! Our last two didn’t move out of the bedroom during the day when the Senior Cat was recovering from surgery. Once he was up and around they paid much less attention!


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