Captain Tom shows the way.

As I write this, the news has come through that Captain Tom Moore, our superb centenarian, has raised over £18.5 Million for our deliberately cash starved, understaffed, under-equipped and much loved NHS. While The Prime Mandaciter is being a convalescent at Chequers and his empty faced cabinet of useless nonentities have been spouting the usual piffle-paffle, wiffle-waffle, slogans and lies from their carefully prepared platforms in front of their now not quite so carefully controlled journalists, he has been walking round his garden showing us what can be done.

Respec’ Captain Tom. This is to let you know we admire you and love you. Your guard of honour was richly deserved.  And next Thursday when we come out on our doorsteps in our millions to clap and cheer and bang our saucepans to thank all the superlative men and women who are caring for us in our hospitals and nursing homes – the doctors and nurses, ambulance drivers, porters, cleaners and cooks –  we shall be cheering you too.


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