Let’s have a break from the news


and no, I don’t mean ignore it. None of us could do that. What is happening is too overwhelming and too incessant for any of us to ignore. But now and then we need a break from it, a chance to turn our attention to something other and less harrowing. And sometimes, as in my case two days ago, it just happens that a crack opens before our eyes and we step through it into something that simply intrigues us or entertains us or whatever needful thing it might be. And that gives us a chance to relax.

The crack opened for me when I had a message on Facebook from a Felpham lady who said she’d just found my blog wishing William Blake a happy birthday and told me that she was one of the few people who was able to get inside the cottage when a TV crew were filming it and how lovely  it had been to be walking about where Blake had Blake7lived. But she seemed saddened that no repairs had been done to it. Naturally I slid through the crack at once to answer her and we had quite a conversation. During the course of it, she told me she lived 100 metres away from the cottage, and I told her I’d written several blogs about the long struggle Felpham people had had to try and persuade the Triumvirate who now own the cottage to start repairing it and confessed that I had given up hope of ever seeing any repairs being done at all and was afraid that it would be demolished. But I suggested that she might find the blogs interesting.

After we’d finished ‘talking’ I looked out my folder on the cottage and found that I’d written fourteen blogs about it. Quite a history. And then this morning, when I opened the blog alongside all my other links, I found that  it had had 36 visitors, and all of them bar one – who was my old visitor who keeps tuning in to the blog about Violet Elizabeth Bott – had visited one or other or several of my many blogs about the cottage. Maybe the roots of truth are beginning to send shoots through the earth of the story. Wouldn’t that be lover-ly? as Eliza Dolittle sang. And maybe there will turn out to be some hope for the cottage after all. I do so like a happy ending.


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