I’ve just met a man who makes me feel young!

And as you can imagine, that takes some doing! His name is John White and he lives in Tooting and I’ve met him on Twitter and he’s a hundred years old.

Here he is celebrating his 100th birthday and talking to The Furzedown Project about growing up in London during the 1920s and 1930s. Images shared from @tootingnewsie on Twitter.

He joined the RAF in 1939 – which was three years before my old darling joined – and was a navigator, flying missions across the Mediterranean including the time when Malta was under siege. That talk must’ve been fascinating, I wish I could have been there to hear it, but with luck I might meet him when I go to Tooting in June to talk to the Furzedown Project myself. That would be fun! It isn’t often I can meet someone who can make me feel young. Usually when I meet new friends I’m very aware of how old I am.

There’s only one snag and that is that he will be a difficult act to follow. I shall be talking about growing up in Tooting in the 1930s and taking a look at the houses that I lived in and the schools I attended and probably taking a sideways look at what it was like to be in Tooting during the Blitz.

Tooting breeds ’em tough!

3 thoughts on “I’ve just met a man who makes me feel young!

  1. Hi Beryl, we couldn’t work out a date with the Furzedown project so your talk in June is going to be at the Church Hall at Holy Trinity in Trinity Road. John White sometimes comes to our Tooting History Group meetings so there’s a chance he might come to hear you in June. At the talk yesterday, he was advised to sit down but insisted on standing: “Once a teacher always a teacher. And I can see the ones chewing gum at the back.” He only got through his first 25 years so there’s another 3 talks to go.


  2. Hi Beryl,
    I would have really liked to have come to hear your talk in June , but I will be away in France.
    Although we are living in Kent now, we still have links in the area.
    Having grown up in Balham, and gone to school at Rosa Bassett, I would have loved to hear about your experiences.
    Never mind, perhaps if there is another event, I will be able to make it then.
    I hope the talk goes well, I’m sure it will be entertaining!


    • Thank you for getting in touch Sally. Always good to hear from another Ex RBS girl. I think this is going to be a question and answer sort of event. There will probably be lots of old Tootingites there. The last time I gave a talk at Tooting Library it was an absolute hoot. Whereabouts do you live in Kent? I have a lot of family there and know the area quite well.


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