Dixie versus the hooley!

Dixie is suffering from a major disgruntlement.

He was not impressed when the gale began to blow because it curtailed his hunting and he was reduced to sitting my the window and glowering at it. But eventually he had to go out into the storm to answer the call of nature and at that point things went monstrously wrong.

I went with him to the cat-flap just to encourage him a little, but it took a while for him to walk into the tunnel and he’d barely gone four paces before everything went terribly wrong.

The wind howled down the tunnel of the cat-flap very loudly and something was banging and crashing. Then suddenly and without any warning, my poor cat was blown backwards into the house. I’ve never seen an animal look so surprised! Poor old thing.

I had to coax him out very carefully and let him out through one of the conservatory doors, where he ran wildly and at full tilt into the rain and was back again really quickly, poor old love. He then decided to spend the rest of the day in my bed.

Since then he’s been very wary indeed of the cat-flap and would much prefer to go out through a nice solid, dependable door! But he hasn’t forgotten his duties as a cat, he is now spend the night sleeping on my feet in case I’m afraid of the noise.

How’s that for heroism.

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