The tale of a disgruntled cat

wilddixieDixie is disgruntled as you can see. When a cat has to walk up to the second flight of stairs and give you a look of disapproval through the banisters you can be pretty sure all is not well!

And he’d had such a very good night too. He’d spent it in the garden hunting, which is quite his favourite occupation apart from eating, and he returned at around half past eleven in the morning wearing his hunter’s hat and looking pleased with himself. Lottie and I asked him what he’d been doing, as if we didn’t know!

Whereupon he gave us a brilliant example of his activities, by leapindixie3g at my leg and biting it, as one does! The disgruntledom began when Lottie and I both roared at him to desist. He took himself off to the stairs and glared through the banisters at us. Don’t we understand that it takes a little while for a hunting cat to come out of full hunting mode. We can’t turn our natures on and off like taps. We’re not dogs!

And after all the hard work he does, being a literary cat and looking after the books.  It’s a hard life!



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