Battening down the hatches

When I woke on Friday the 13th to the shattering news that Johnson had won the election, I knew that the only thing I could do to get through the day was to batten down the hatches and ride out the first of the storm.

I cancelled the papers as soon as I’d had my breakfast, for I had no desire to read the sort of triumphalist crowing that would certainly be going on there. I didn’t switch on the television or the radio, for the same reason. I knew what was going to happen and I didn’t want my nose rubbed in it. Bad enough to have to face the fact that we now have a fascist government and will have to endure it for the next five years. God help us all. I never thought I would live to see such a dreadful thing in my country.

From time to time during that first dreadful day, I dipped in and out of social media, avoiding the braying and boasting of the conquerors and only listening to voices I knew. Many were saying much the same things that I was thinking. Some were commiserating with one another, all of them were afraid and rightly so.

By the next day the first reports of racist attacks in the street and on the tube were beginning to come in. I found myself wondering miserably how soon it would be before the triumphant Johnson sold off what remains of our NHS to Trump’s American private health companies, as Mark Britnell promised they would be back in 2014, and how soon it would be after that before we all had to pay for any treatment we received and any drugs we were prescribed. It was worrying, because after a heart attack and a TIA, I need quite a lot of treatment and what seems to me, an exorbitant number of drugs. How the hell was I going to find the money to pay for all that? I went to bed with a headache.

But headache or not, this is a very serious and ugly situation we are all now in and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can say or do to make things easier for my family and my friends. I’m slightly comforted by news of Trump’s impeachment this morning. But we must remember that the USA works under a slightly different system of democratic government to our own and that option is not open to us.

How are you all? And how are you coping? Somehow or other and at some time or other, we shall have to find a way to organise an underground resistance. There is a pattern for it in Hitler’s Europe. But it will be hard-going.

Keep in touch. We need one another.


8 thoughts on “Battening down the hatches

  1. I felt exactly the same as you, Beryl, as you know. What with Philly’s radiotherapy, Leo apart from his beloved wife and now this, we haven’t got a very festive house. And you’re right. We need one another.

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  2. Beryl, Of course Some of us here feel your pain. I am always surprised at people who I like and admire, like my 70 something year old educated cousin who is a Trump supporter. NY Times published Rump’ s letter – I mean rant against his impeachment signed with a sharpie! – in full yesterday with glosses on the side pointing out his lies and exaggerations. How anyone can support him (or Johnson) I don’t know. We must hang together, we people with humaneness, and do the good we can!


    • You have summed up how I feel. I am very worried about the future especially for my children and grandchildren. Whoever would have believed our country would come to this?


  3. I’ve found it all such a worry fellow Beryl. You can see how easily you can become an autocrat? How people couldn’t vote for the party, that could safeguard the NHS, I just couldn’t understand. That people voted for a man, that wouldn’t answer any questions, just prattled on, as if he owned the place?
    All the medication I have for my allergies, the excema, the asthma, the hay fever. I just couldn’t afford. Old age care, forget it!
    Let’s hope the judiciary doesn’t get interfered with!
    It’s just such a horrid world we live in, that power & money, is what everyone wants. The care of our fellow human beings, means nothing?

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  4. I felt as you do, Beryl, at around 3 am on Friday 13th!! But, for me, reading political commentaries from all around has actually been something of a help. (Avoiding the crowing, as you mention, I’ve had to switch the tv off a couple of times!)
    The key, as I see it, is that much will be driven by Johnson’s political ambition. I don’t feel his policies will reflect a lot besides. We may actually see moves to the centre, if he feels that will benefit him. But of course, we should remember his backers and must be alert, therefore, for any moves elsewhere. Our system of voting gives us an ‘elective dictatorship.’ (I think that’s a quote from Quintin Hogg!) and this election is a case in point.
    I felt heartened to read that J Corbyn’s three sons spoke out for him. Good for them!

    Did you know, down here we are known as The People’s Republic of Frome? Only half in jest…

    Take care of yourself, and enjoy Christmas and family.


  5. I’m in New Zealand so don’t have either of them as a leader, however I can see the ripples over here quite easily and most of them are full of muck. In an age where we should be more open to the fact that all people are in fact people it’s hard to believe so many are voting for those who want to keep everything in the hands of rich white men. New Zealand is a multi-cultural land but even here there are those who don’t like people of colour or those with disabilities or who are female or in any other way not white straight males to have any power and they will do everything they can to tear down the hard-won rights that everyone else has. I feel sorry for them, they’re missing out on so much in their little worlds that are so full of hatred.


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