A word of explanation


This is a blog for friends, fans and all the people I’m going to send Christmas cards to and it’s by way of explaining something that I don’t want to burden you with on the card.

My life has been rather difficult for the last fortnight. I had a TIA in the early hours of Friday morning nearly two weeks ago, when the room spun all round me and I couldn’t speak, although I knew perfectly well what I wanted to say. That’s a new one for me!

An ambulance took me to hospital where I spent the rest of the night having all manner of tests and was sent home the following morning. I’m now recovering, although rather more slowly than I would have wished.

These things, as the old wives used to say, are sent to try us, but I thought I’d better let you know why I haven’t been as communicative as usual. This is not a plea for sympathy, just a bit of information.

Love to you all. Your cards will be in the post very soon!!

7 thoughts on “A word of explanation

  1. Oh Beryl, please take care and try to rest (being you I know that won’t be easy). My husband had a TIA a few years ago (on the Gower while reconnoitring a walk for the Gower society) It took a while but he made a full recovery. And don’t worry about Christmas cards. Christmas greetings and love are gushing from me to you, here’s to a fantastic new writing year, Karen Watkins (Catrin Collier – who owes Beryl Kingston so much for a very kind review to a new writer more years ago than I care to remember)


  2. Sorry to hear you’ve not been well, fellow Beryl! Hope you are soon on the mend! Love to you & your family , a very happy Christmas. XX


  3. I looked up “TIA” and the slang definition is a feisty sexy girl usually good in bed! I thought, well, yes that’s Beryl, but then I saw the other acronym meaning. I hope you are OK. I am sure result of election not cheering. Maybe I will see you on another quick stop by. Catherine Kelly might be able to come – she’s the one who went to fete in Bognor Regis!


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