Happy Birthday William!

This is our William Blake’s birthday. His 262nd to be accurate!

You are not forgotten dear William, and nor is your cottage. There are still some of us around in your Felpham Sweet Felpham who are struggling to get the Blake Cottage Trust to take some action, either by repairing the cottage or, if this is beyond their capabilities, by offering it free, gratis and for nothing to a large, charitable organisation that is prepared to take it and repair it.

And here is a poem for your birthday card.

Through fifty and two hundred years we’re still
Lagging behind the courage of your stride
Dear, truth-bold, honest William, in your fiery cloud.
Jerusalem is unbuilded, justice is rarely tried,
Men struggle still in your satanic mill,

And yet your verse, like birdsong bright and loud,
Carols your message, bids us take our fill,
Lifts and inspires, and will not be denied.
Its simple complicated truth sends thrill
On silver thrill, crowds hope on golden crowd.

So God be thanked you never stooped to hide
Your teeming talent and were never bowed.
And happy birthday, clear and dearest Will.



One thought on “Happy Birthday William!

  1. Our Will is bound to be deemed the most significant British (and perhaps world) artist in the 21st century. At the beginning of the 20th he was barely known. Go Will!

    I am going to be in London for the exhibit Beryl! Short visit – Dec.31 to Jan 11! (Leave Jan. 11. Maybe I can pop down for a quick visit! I would love to see you!


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