5 year old has online spending spree

My grand-daughter had a bit of a shock late yesterday evening when she received a notification from Amazon about a lamp that she’d ordered and found to her astonishment that far from spending £14 on the lamp, she also seemed to have spent £1,600 on five separate orders for a child’s ride-on electric car! Shock, horror!

She contacted Amazon straight away and cancelled the orders. Twilliamcarhen she did a spot of detective work. She didn’t have to look far to discover the culprit, because her five year old son had been talking about wanting an electric car, just like this, for months!

And when she asked him this morning whether he had ordered anything on Amazon, he told her quite openly, love his little heart, that he had, although he was a little shocked to discover that he had ordered five cars rather than the one he wanted and that he’d put the account into overdraft!

Be warned, fellow parents. Your children know exactly how to use the internet. In fact this particular child knows how to use it a lot better than I do!

And don’t tell anybody (even though what he did shocked his parents to the core) I still love him to bits. As they do.



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