The return of the Gremlins


Sad to report that the gremlins are back in my house in force, grinning in the corners with their little pointy ears twitching, plotting nasty tricks. I think someone had tipped them the wink that I can’t see quite as well as I used to or hear for that matter, so they are free to snatch things away from under my nose and to plot without fear of being found out. Consequently the house is falling apart.

This morning20191018_103805 I came out of the shower and tried to hang my towel on the towel ring and the entire thing, towel and all, fell on the floor. I didn’t have my hearing aids in so I couldn’t hear the sniggering. But sniggers there undoubtedly were. I’m a student of gremlin behaviour and of course the sneaky tricks have been going on for ages.

tomato soup

Tomato soup that I was entirely sure I was pouring into the soup dishes, fell on to the tablecloth. A glass of wine being raised to my lips, was nudged on to my trousers. I went down to the compost heap with an elderly colander full of peelings and the Garotta mixture I also add to the compost from time to time ended up on my yellow jersey. Very decorative, but not quite what I wanted. 

A pair of socks I searched for in my bedroom, turned up on the windowsill in the conservatory, this time I could hear the cackles.


dixie new

Dixie wishes it to be known that all this is nothing whatever to do with him, he has quite enough to do catching all the birds, mice and frogs that are thumbing their noses at him in the garden.

If any of you know of any competent ‘anti-gremlin’ devices, I would love to hear from you!


One thought on “The return of the Gremlins

  1. No I know of no effective anti-gremlin device They proliferate with impunity … and have been active here as well. The tap that I was sure I turned off when I went to answer the phone… that caused a flood on the utility warping my bespoke units? Gremlins. The disappearing bag with 2 essential files? Gremlins. The keys that were moved from their hook … found in a shoe …. Gremlins! If you find a cure let me know!!! All the best Christine xo


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