I’m going to achieve a first and I’m trying not to brag!

But I have to say, having two books published on the same day, feels like an achievement. And they will come out together in eighteen days time.

They are a novel and its sequel, so it’s fitting that they’re being published together. Between them they cover the life and times of my heroine from 1908 – when my she was twelve years old and heading off for her first job as a skivvy, miles away from her family whom she will only see from then on, on Mothering Sunday – to 1945 when she and her husband have worked through the London Blitz, the buzz-bombs and the rockets in the Borough in London, she driving an ambulance, he as an air-raid warden. They were tough times and in a way I feel honoured to be describing them. And it is apposite that the two books are being published on the day before the anniversary of the day the war broke out.

Everybody’s Somebody will be available to pre-order tomorrow and Citizen Armies is already available to pre-order on Amazon now and I know it’s had one sale already, because a very old friend of mine and an extremely good writer has mailed me to tell me so. Despite my attempts to keep calm, it’s actually quite exciting!

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