Citizen Armies on the way!


This is going to sound a bit previous because this book isn’t due out for another month and when it comes it will come with a re-print of Everybody’s Somebody which is the prequel. So for the first time ever I’m going to have two books out on the same day and it’s making me a bit nervous!

But Endeavour, who are publishing it have just told me that the e-book version will available to pre-order from Amazon at a special price of £1.99 from the 7th of August and I’m a great one for a bargain! And this book, I have to admit is rather special to me.

There have been so many books about the second world war written recently that it quite makes my head spin, especially as the writers, with the best will in the world, don’t get it quite right. And one of the reasons for this is that no-one – as far as I know – has ever spelt out how totally different the people who were alive during the second world war were from the people who are alive now.

I lived through that war and was in London during the first four months of the Blitz and back again in time for the buzz-bombs and the rockets. And I don’t just remember it very well, but have a written record of what it was like (which is much more reliable than memory), because I kept a diary from the time I was seven until I was nineteen.

So I know that the people who endured the war were made of very different stuff from the people who are alive now. They thought differently to the way people think now and that made them speak and act differently. My characters are not late 20th Century or 21st Century people dressed up in the right clothes. They’re the real macoy and I’m very fond of them. Hence this advance notice of their book!

Later on I shall have a cover for the republished version of Everybody’s Somebody and I will put that up alongside the cover of Citizen Armies. But I shall do all that at a more appropriate time when publication is nearer.

In the meantime, I hope you will forgive me for pushing the book at you in this brazen way! I do it with my heart in my mouth.

2 thoughts on “Citizen Armies on the way!

  1. Beryl, congratulations on your joint publications. How exciting! So pleased for you. Looking forward to reading both. Thank you for the value alert! My book club choice this month is Octavis (and Octavia”s War and The Internet Revolutionary, if they want more as we don’t actually meet till the end of September!) All are enjoying her story. 😀


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