Lost: One folder full of P60s!

Lottie and I have reached our favourite time of year! When I moan and groan and do nothing, and Lottie fills in my tax return! It takes her a very long time, poor girl and she takes it philosophically and works through it thoroughly.  So it came as quite a shock to us, when we couldn’t find the relevant P60s. We hunted everywhere we could think of and in the end we despaired of ever finding them and Lottie set to and phoned all four pension providers to ask if they would send us replacement copies. It took her the entire morning and her patience was impressive. But at least the job was done! 

The next morning when we started checking through letters and files for work that had to be done that day. Lottie made a discovery, there was an unlabelled folder full of stuff that needed attention and down at the bottom – lurking – were all the P60s! Screams of horror and disbelief.

We had to rush off and have some coffee to cheer ourselves up!

Next year, I shall make my own personal folder and hang it round my neck until all the P60s are gathered. And a right banana I shall look!

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