I’m on my war horse part 2: Use me as a conduit

Since I put up my last blog ‘I’m on my war horse’, I have learnt several interesting things. The first is that the struggle that the staff and parents of Waltham Holy Cross School are putting up to try and avoid being made to leave the control of the local authority and be turned into an Academy – which they do NOT want – is by no means a one off.


Over 227 people visited that blog on the first day and some of them told me about other schools who are or who have been in a similar position. So I am writing part 2 of the blog as you see, so that people who haven’t seen part one yet can do so now and people who have something to say about what has been and is happening to them and their school, can send me the details. It is a little too easy for bullies to insist upon having their own way if they can claim that what is happening is only happening to ONE school. It is not and we need to tell one another as many details as we can collect.

So please use me as a conduit and let us see who else will take up the cudgels on our behalf. Thanks to Aditya Chakrabortty and the Guardian, the story is already out there and causing a stir, I’m very glad to say.

My war horse is pawing the ground and full of oats!

3 thoughts on “I’m on my war horse part 2: Use me as a conduit

  1. Reblogged this on Gogwit's Blog and commented:
    It is good to see that since the Academies Act 2010 which conjured this abysmal malarkey into existence dissent has evolved from a few voices in the wilderness calling “foul!” to a recognisable movement protesting, challenging and impeding some of the signature chicanery attending academisation.
    Sharing ideas, experience, intelligence and competencies has attended the growth of campaigning against these entities who are invested with the, seemingly, bottomless publicly funded war chests they need to fight their communities, parents, children and staff. A conduit is offered; another front wherein to organise.


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