Alive and Kicking is now on ebook!

Endeavour have put another book from my back list up on Kindle.

Alive and Kicking was set in Lambeth, not far from Lambeth Walk and its market, at the start of the First World War and it features a poor orphaned family, who live in two small rooms in Ritsy Street, down by the Thames, and are looked after by big brother Bertie and their sister Rose.

It is available on Amazon now:


4 thoughts on “Alive and Kicking is now on ebook!

  1. You are remarkable and inspirational and I mean it! Keep writing because I doubt if either of us have more than 25 years left and I also have doubts about re-incarnation. We are off to Croatia for a ride in a boat on Monday. Should be fun if we are not doing the rowing! Keep ticking over! Herbert

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