Daily Mail blows the gaff on Tim Heath!

This blog is for everybody who has been struggling to persuade Tim Heath to repair Blake’s Cottage.

First let me give you a bit of background information. Please skip this section if you know it already.

The Cottage has ‘belonged’ to the three man Blake Cottage Trust which is dominated by Tim Heath seen here on our left, for the last two and a half years, or to be accurate since September 2015, when they bought it ‘for the nation’. Absolutely no repairs have been done to it, although it is desperately in need of them and over 500 people in Felpham signed a petition to urge Tim Heath to take action.

Now this article, has appeared on page 5 of the Daily Mail this Tuesday and it blows the gaff on the reasons why, showing how little money Tim Heath actually has and what he has been doing since he bought the cottage.

He and his two brothers have been at loggerheads over the division of their mother’s estate since October 2015 when she died. She left her estate to be divided equally between her three sons, Jeremy aged 65, Timothy aged 62 and Dominic aged 53, it should be straightforward but the in-fighting about it has gone on for over two years and has finally ended up in court, where Tim’s two brothers had taken legal action against him to ask that he be removed as an executor of his mother’s will due to an ‘inherent conflict between his duties as an executor and his own personal interests.’ During the course of the trial some very interesting facts emerged.

For a start it transpires that Tim Heath has lived in the family house since he was ten, in other words for 52 years, and for 44 of them i.e. since he was 18, he has lived rent free and sponged off his mother. His brothers say he has never done a day’s work in his life, which annoys them because they are both doctors and have worked extremely hard. He calls himself a ‘self-employed creative’ but another term for it would be an idle scrounger. Now he wants to take a larger share of the inheritance than his brothers explaining that he ‘looked after his mother’ when she was very old, although as the court also heard, she had two £45,000 a year, live in carers, so he can hardly claim to have been her only carer.

I was very glad to read when I got to the end of the article that the judge had ordered Timothy to step down from his position as executor  and to be replaced by an independent solicitor. It cost his brothers £25,000 each in legal fees but it was a very good result.

So now we all know that Tim Heath has no income because he has no job, that when his mother’s house is sold he will have nowhere to live, that he has no money to repair Blake’s Cottage, no matter what any of us might say and just look at the state of it.


I hope that as many people in the locality and especially those in the Felpham Village Conservation Society will take advantage of the six open days at the cottage which have been organised and will presumably be run not by the Blake Cottage Trust and Tim Heath but by the National Trust (thank God!). The number to ring to book your ticket is 0344 249 1895.

It really is high time that Tim Heath stopped pussyfooting around with this prestigious property, admitted that he can’t afford to repair it, and handed it over to the National Trust, which is the only organisation in the country who could.

Pipe dreams and shilly-shallying have gone on long enough. I for one am heartily sick of them and I hope you are too.


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