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We can get inside Blake’s cottage at last!




This blog is for all those people in Felpham and elsewhere who have been waiting in vain to visit Blake’s cottage so that they can see for themselves what a parlous state it is in. It was bought ‘for the nation’ two years and four months ago and since that time it has stood empty and apart from putting in steel supports to prop up the roof and the rafters, which were in danger of caving in and falling into the cottage, absolutely nothing has been done to repair the place. The three man trust who now ‘own’ the cottage, have held two open days during that time which was nowhere near enough to enable all the people who wanted to look at it to get inside.

Now, however, there is an exhibition of Blake’s paintings in Petworth House curated by a man called Andrew Loukes who works for the National Trust and under the auspices of that organisation the cottage is now going to be open on six days – no less! – during the running of the exhibition at Petworth.

Here are the dates and the link which will enable you to book your entry. There is no entry fee.

Don’t all rush!

Please don’t be conned by the BCT propaganda about the ‘wonderful, half a million pound, state of the art’ building they’re going to erect in the garden. From the tiny model on display at the exhibition it looks like two buildings, one a single-storey display area, the other far too much like a house. But then, they have always said that this new building would be a display area and RESIDENCE. The important thing, which they keep pushing to one side, is that Blake’s cottage needs repair urgently.

I shall be interested to hear what your opinion of the state of the cottage is.