Happy Birthday William!


It was William Blake’s 260th Birthday on Tuesday. I didn’t miss it William but I couldn’t find the poem so it’s had to wait until my Charlotte came to work for me and of course she discovered it in five minutes!

So here it is with love. I wrote it ten years ago to celebrate the inauguration of a stained glass window in his honour in Felpham Church. It is as appropriate now as it was when I wrote it. Perhaps even more so.


A thirteener for William Blake on the occasion of his 250th birthday

Through fifty and two hundred years we’re still
Lagging behind the courage of your stride
Dear, truth-bold, honest William, in your fiery cloud.
Jerusalem is unbuilded, justice is rarely tried,
Men struggle still in your satanic mill,

And yet your verse, like birdsong bright and loud,
Carols your message, bids us take our fill,
Lifts and inspires, and will not be denied.
Its simple complicated truth sends thrill
On silver thrill, crowds hope on golden crowd.

So God be thanked you never stooped to hide
Your teeming talent and were never bowed.
And happy birthday, clear and dearest Will.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday William!

  1. Beryl I remember your clever poem. I enjoyed then and appreciate it just as much now .
    And you’re right of course… William is as relevant as ever … Jerusalem is not yet builded here; the clouds have folded over, our green and pleasant land dimmed and diminished.
    Oh Blake, thou should’st be living at this hour, England hath need of thee !!


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