A great evening in Tooting

I’ve always liked Tooting Library. It was a happy hunting ground for me when I was young and I like it even more now, because the evening I spent there last Friday was such fun.

It was a joy to meet up with so many Tootingites and to share memories with them. And what memories they were. We talked about ‘gro-ers’, ‘playing out’, where WW1 soldiers lived, what it was like to ride on a tram, what it was like in the tubes when they were used as shelters during the Blitz. So much and so detailed. My head was spinning like a happy top by the time the evening was over.

And of course, it hasn’t ended there. For ever since, new friends and old have been in touch and I’ve been invited back to take part in a torch-lit walk. It’s as if I have never moved away.

And the following morning I went to Crawley to an Authors book-fair there. Of which more in my next blog – or possibly the one after! Oh it’s all go!

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