Sorry about this, I’m blowing my trumpet!

This novel is now published. So I’m afraid I’ve got to blow my own trumpet a bit  and tell you something about it, even though it’s a very painful thing for me to do.

The first thing I must admit to is that it is not yet in the shops. Small publishers cannot afford the massive bungs they have to pay to get their books on the shelves but it is on Amazon both as an e-book for £2.99 and as a paperback at £7.99 and it is available through this link:

It already has 6 reviews, all of them warm and appreciative. If you are tempted to buy the book and want to know more about it, these reviews might help you.

I am currently arranging talks and appearances in support of the book and have so far booked to speak at Tooting and Crawley. I shall be at Tooting public library at 75 Mitcham Road on Friday the 13th of October at 6pm, I hope this will appeal to Tooting residents who are interested in the history of their part of London. I grew up in Tooting and know it and it’s history very well indeed. The following day, I shall be at the Crawley library in Southgate Avenue from 11am – 2pm at the local authors book fair. I’ll keep you posted about other events as and when they are arranged.

In the meantime if you are a fan and friend and have read and enjoyed the book do you think you could rate it and perhaps write your own review.  It would be very helpful to me (and to Amazon!) to know how many people are enjoying it. Many thanks.

Now I can take off my bragging hat, hide my trumpet in the wardrobe and write another and different blog to entertain you!

4 thoughts on “Sorry about this, I’m blowing my trumpet!

  1. Thank you for this, Beryl. I spent much childhood in Croydon and passed through Tooting quite often. As an adult I lived in Wimbledon for many years and knew Tooting.
    I’ve read the e-book version of Everybody’s Somebody which I enjoyed very much


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