I take my hat off to my new publishers.

They’re so quick they take my breathe away. I can’t keep up with them.

I’ve been working on ‘Citizen Armies’, which is the sequel to ‘Everybody’s Somebody’, off and on since five o’clock this morning – mostly on – and I was just thinking I would take time off for the pork pie that’s waiting for me in the fridge when I had an e-mail from my publisher to say  that Endeavour Press are putting  ‘Everybody’s Somebody’ up as an e-book today and to suggest that I might like to give it publicity on this blog.

I must confess that I sloped off to demolish the pork pie first because my mouth was watering for it and I was in parlously need of sustenance, but here  I  am back at my desk again and with my publicist’s hat on.

So here goes. As from August 2nd, anyone who doesn’t want to wait until the paperback of my new book comes out on September 1st, can buy it as an e-book. And while I’ve got my silly hat on, could I also ask you to do me a special favour and, if you’ve enjoyed it when you’ve read it, could you rate it and write a review? I’ve just found out that Amazon not only count reviews but take books and their authors more seriously the more 5 star ratings and reviews they are given.

In addition to the latest news on Everybody’s Somebody’, may I also tell  you that anyone who hasn’t yet read ‘Girl on the Orlop Deck’ and/or  ‘Francesca’s Mermaid’ and would like to, can buy them on Kindle for £2.99 or as paperbacks for £7.99.

End of commercial!!


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