Meeting the authors

I’m now so old that when an annual event comes round again, like this one in Selsey which I attend every year, my first reaction to it is, ‘but we only had one of those last week.’ Then my second reaction has to be to check the calendar.

So here we really are again, on Wednesday the 9th of August, kicking off at 1pm in the Selsey Centre in Manor Road, Selsey.

Any of you who are thinking of coming are sure of an afternoon of cheerful idiocy. Joan Moules, the organiser, who has been a friend of mine for more years than I can count, always arranges tea and biscuits and lays on a whole variety of entertainments, year after year, I don’t know how she does it.

This event will kick off a summer of publicity occasions to promote my new book Everybody’s Somebody and the two back-list titles that have either have been or soon will be published by my new publisher, Endeavour Press.

I’m afraid I shan’t have any copies of Everybody’s Somebody for the Selsey event because it isn’t due for publication until September the 1st. But not to worry, the main thing about Selsey is that people come as much to meet the author as to buy their books. It’s a great occasion for greeting old friends and making new ones and I’m all for that.

Other events are in the pipeline, but I’ll tell you about them nearer the time.


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