Shed tears. I have a moribund mouse

No, not the furry variety I hasten to add, although there are times when I wonder how much longer our daring mouse-thief will last. Remember him? The one who helps himself to suet cake, to the disgust of my birds. No, the mouse in question is the mechanical kind which has absolutely no business doing anything but work non-stop to satisfy the demands of its owner. Mine has got it’s wires crossed in every sense of the word and now, I have a frozen cursor and can’t get into my desktop computer, no matter how many times I turn it off and on or how much I threaten it with the direst of punishments.

I am reduced to writing this blog on my laptop, which is a very old war horse, willing, but long in the tooth. In fact, I’m not at all sure it will have the energy to pass this on to you. Although I’m living in hopes.

I have told it that the most dire punishments await any machine belonging to me which doesn’t behave in exactly the way I want. My iPad has been put in the washing machine with the dirty clothes and given a thorough wash. It hadn’t done anything wrong, poor thing, but that’s what I did to it. That was somewhat moribund afterwards. In fact so moribund, I had to buy a new one, which cowers under the bed-clothes every time I look at it.

My mobile phone was left in the fridge overnight and hasn’t been speaking to me since. My mechanical appliances cower in terror every-time I enter the room.

Ah well! Press on regardless as we used to say. Lets see if I can send this over the airwaves to you. Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Shed tears. I have a moribund mouse

  1. I sympathise! My printer upped and chewed a heap of paper a few weeks back. Then reverted to its normal clunky self, so no idea why it did so. Makes me a little anxious just turning the thing on lately!


  2. When I saw your photo, I thought about some times when I was tempted to dis-able my computer, and all the times it has just stopped working. I am older than any working laptop, but seniority means nothing in the land of PCs. Hope you are well! @LatelaMary


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