Blake’s Cottage, a bit of good news – at last.

It’s not quite time to cheer, that will come when the cottage has finally been repaired, and restored to the condition it was in when Blake lived there and is up and running, so that any member of the public here in Great Britain or anywhere else in the world can come to Felpham and see it for themselves. But between us, the several wonderful hundred who have signed the petition either in the village or online to urge that action be taken, have won a first, small victory. It’s all happened a lot quicker than even I could have hoped and it certainly shows the power of social media. I only put the petition online a week ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you, all of you. You can stick a feather in your cap. I know we are going to prevail and cheer eventually.

So what’s the good news? I heard yesterday from a reliable source that the builders will be coming in to Blake’s Cottage on Monday as ever is. Sadly, they’re not coming to start the repairs, but simply to put up a steel support to keep the rafters in place and prevent them falling down. It’s a small first step but a welcome one. You see William, we’re looking after your cottage.

Now we need to keep up the pressure so that this will be followed by the much needed major repairs. Many of the rafters are in a very bad way and need replacing, the ceilings are bulging into the rooms and need repair, the cottage needs a new thatch as soon as the thatcher can be booked. If the triumvirate had meant business they should have booked a thatcher as soon as they took over the property. But I don’t think they did.

So please, you wonderful supporters, keep applying the pressure and keep up the good work. Urge your friends, your workmates, anyone you know to be an admirer of Blake and the sort of person who wouldn’t want to see his cottage decaying any further, to sign our petition. You can do it either online at:

or in any shop, pub, cafe in Felpham Village that is displaying our poster.

And do follow this blog for the latest news as it comes in. I shall visit the cottage on Monday afternoon to check exactly what is happening there and to take new petition forms in to all the places where they’re being signed and I’ll blog about it, whatever the news is, first thing Tuesday morning.

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