The mystery of the disappearing cabin.

I’ve just come home from a lovely cruise, which circumnavigated the island of Sicily, calling in at a different port every day and treating us to different delights at every one of them, to say nothing of great food, great company and wonderful weather. What more could anyone want?

But there was one little snag. And that was the mystery of the disappearing cabin. Agatha Christie would have loved it. It was a pretty little cabin, but almost impossible to find. I was escorted to it when I first arrived and assumed that I’d be able to find it the next time I looked for it. Wrong. I went down the flight of stairs that had been pointed out to me the previous evening and found myself walking down a small corridor between four cabins, but none of them were mine. However there were doors at each end of the corridor so I went out of one of them and set off on a hunt. It didn’t take me long to realise that somebody had hidden the cabin away. I opened up several doors but none of them led to the cabin, although I did manage to find the engine room and the galley – rather to the surprise of the chefs who were working in it – and eventually I gave up the search, collared a member of the crew and told him I had lost my cabin and he very kindly led me to it.

That should have been the problem solved but the next day, when I went hunting for it having pigged myself at breakfast, my mysterious cabin had disappeared again – shock horror! By this time the other passengers were beginning to enjoy the fact that they had a rather moronic fellow passenger who giggled a lot and couldn’t find her cabin. And so it went on for five days or maybe even more. I took to explaining to them that I was going in search of my elusive cabin whenever I felt the need to visit it and asked them to send out search parties for me if I didn’t return within half an hour.

On the sixth day when two of my new friends were laughing at the thought that I was searching yet again, the husband of one of them got up, smiled at me and very kindly offered to find my mystery cabin for me. ‘Come on,’ he said. ‘We’ll find it.’ I thought how lovely he was. He searched on both sides of the ship very thoroughly but he couldn’t find it any more than I could. In the end he led me up a flight of stairs I hadn’t noticed before and we found ourselves in the reception area where he had had to admit defeat and ask one of the reception staff to lead us to my wandering cabin. Which they did. This time they led me to a door I’d never seen before. There was now no doubt in my mind at all. The cabin had a will of it’s own and was wandering about the ship willy nilly – determined not to be found. Beat that Agatha C!

At dinner that evening, our exploits were the talk of the tables and there was so much laughter it was a wonder we had any time to eat.

But it was a great cruise, wandering cabin or not. And it gave me this blog.



9 thoughts on “The mystery of the disappearing cabin.

  1. Hi Beryl, How great to find your blog. Loved the story again in your retellling. I h ave ordered a copy of one of your books f rom across the pond. Cant wait. You were such a bonus on the trip.. I loved your humor and attitude; re:life I will send you my response!!!


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