Latest news on the petition to ‘Save Blake’s Cottage’

Posters are now going up in a variety of shops, pubs and cafes in Felpham village and more will follow this afternoon. Their message is quite clear. If the triumvirate who now ‘own’ Blake’s Cottage ‘on behalf of the nation’ have sufficient money to brag that they will spend £50,000 (no, I’m not kidding) on drawings and plans for a new building they obviously intend to put up in the garden. It will cost half a million pounds and will require half the cottage to be pulled down. (And I’m not kidding about that either). Given all that, they ought to be able to find the mere £4,800 which is what is needed to put in supports to the rafters and mend those that are now rotten and falling apart. 

The cleaner who has been looking after the cottage since the triumvirate bought it a year ago, has told a neighbour that it is now getting visibly worse every time she visits it. The local photographer who was ‘commissioned’ by the triumvirate (although not paid) to take regular pictures of the cottage inside and out, has now been told to desist. In fact he was forbidden to hand over any of his interior pictures to me when I wanted to put them on this blog.

But now, even when we walk past the cottage we can see what a bad state it’s in.

So if you’re local and want to tell the triumvirate that they should stop telling us how wonderful this new building is going to be and how people will flock from all parts of the world to come and see it and get on with the repair of Blake’s Cottage. That is quite the most important thing they have to do. If you own a property it is beholden on you to keep it in a good state of repair. If you own a property ‘for the nation’ your duty towards the property and the nation are even more pressing and important.

Do please sign our petition and give us your support. You will find it in most of the places where the poster is on display. And keep in touch with me for any further information.


2 thoughts on “Latest news on the petition to ‘Save Blake’s Cottage’

  1. I think you should act now to learn your rights as an advocate for Blake’s cottage. Here, we can go to the Town Hall, Registrar, and find out who owns what.btw, my blog is “I’ll Call you When I’m Ready.” I have added another gmail account for personal use, but I’d love to get your impressions of the restructuring so far. Best wishes, Mary


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