What’s happening to Blake’s Cottage Part 5

At last, I’ve got some news for you.

Some of the trustees of the Blake Society have been talking to Tim Heath, who as you’ll probably remember, is the principal member of the Blake Cottage Trust triumvirate and have persuaded him to release some of the information he’s been given about the present state of the cottage. It is dire. As you can see, if you look at the images on this link:

Click to access Morton-Partnership-Survey.pdf

My amanuensis and I have tried to download the pictures for you but it can’t be done, however they are now in the public domain and anyone can see them by using the link.

The journal is easier to download – take a look at this.

Now we know how very little, relatively speaking, it will cost to start the repairs we all want to see started. If the Blake Cottage Trust have sufficient money to contemplate spending half a million pounds on a brand new building that they have said they will knock down half the existing cottage to build (and that will cost money too) and have presumably set aside the £50,000 they were talking about which will be the cost of the plans and architectural drawings for this proposed building, they shouldn’t have any problem paying the bill to have this vital work done. You will notice that the principal conservation officer of the Arun District Council has given them permission to do it. The only thing that Mr Heath has not told us is when this is going to be.

On the other hand, it is also possible that the proposed new building was actually a pipe dream and they haven’t got the money for it. It might even be that they haven’t got the £4,800 that is needed for the repairs. If that is the case, instead of dragging this whole business out and delaying and delaying in the hope that something will turn up, Mr Micawber style, they should come clean and admit it to us.

Perhaps we should let him know how very important we think this work is and how impatient we are for him to get it started. Perhaps we should start that petition we’ve been thinking about. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “What’s happening to Blake’s Cottage Part 5

  1. Beryl, I had to wait until I had time to study the documents. For now, I’ve written a list of concerns; I have had some conversations with my brother, who is an architect. * What proof do you have that the funding is actually there? * Inspections did not include wood – danger of termites is very high. *The thatched roof was made this way so that shingles could be added after a bad storm; it would probably have to come down. *There is a reference to updates using green wood – The brickwork is a hazard, holes open to the sky attract critters (rodents). What about the foundation. Many old uilding were constructed on a platform of cement, but that is not acceptable these days?
    I need to start another page to continue. So sorry – good news is that you have pictures, bad news if what the photos reveal.
    btw, a new roof for even a cottage in the U.S. would be at least twice your allotment.
    Soon, Mary ……….


  2. Beryl, first, pardon me for not asking about your health. I trust that you don’t see much winter weather at home, but even here in the midwest US, if is cold and damp. You have options with regard to the building, unless the “owners” already have a buyer who will tear down the building and, in the words of Joni Mitchell, 60s folk singer -“pave paradise and put up a parking lot”.

    Is there an impressive accessible building nearby – library or bank – where a commodious display might be commissioned (pay a designer). Whom do you see as your consumers? Will there be tea available?

    Finally, I need to have my vision checked again soon. I am legally blind, and have managed well, but seem to have difficulties with typos. Now, I think if I asked, my 2nd grandson to check my work (for a dollar a day)he would do it, I have to talk with my daughter first. I have serious spinal issues, but am at a status of “fair” which is a vast improvement. I do yoga for seniors and take acupuncture.
    Thank you for the update. I will continue to think about that special place where William Blake created some of his masterpieces. Love, Mary Latela @LatelaMary


  3. Absolutely right Mary. The first stage before the repair work can even begin, is to put in supports. The thatch ought to be covered with a waterproof. There is a lot of very costly work to be done. There are many problems.


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