Summer by the sea

I met up with three trustees of the Blake Society yesterday. It was a very enjoyable meeting because we all got on so well and at the end of it one of them asked me if Blake was happy when he lived in Felpham. I told her, he was and quoted his words ‘Felpham sweet Felpham, all heaven is here.’ But I had to admit that by the time he left the village he was rather disillusioned with it and was glad and relieved to get back to Lambeth.

Now here I am back on the coast again and feeling very, very happy to be here, I have never stopped being fond of Felpham and missed it sorely when I was away from it during the war. It really is ‘Felpham sweet Felpham,’ to me, and I find it beautiful no matter what time of day it is and what the weather is doing.

I swam from these beaches when I was young and sit happily beside them now that I’m old. And thinking about it has made me wonder, how many others feel the same sort of affection for a place. There must be millions of us. Is it any wonder I defend Blake’s Cottage so passionately?

No news of that incidentally, at the moment, but I will pass on whatever news there is as soon as I get some.


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