What’s happening to Blake’s Cottage part 4.

This is simply to keep those of you who are concerned about Blake’s Cottage up to date as far as I can.

The first thing to say is that nothing has been done to the cottage at all, despite the fact that Mr Johns (one of the triumvirate who own the cottage) assured the Bognor Observer that they were expecting to receive permission ‘in a few days’ from Arun District Council for repair work to begin. That was back on June 16th which is now more than 2 months ago. There is still no sign of a planning permission notice outside the cottage nor any indication that repairs are about to start.

The second thing to say that although we are now playing a waiting game, I have not been idle. I have spoken at length to Mr Lydford and his wife and know a great deal more about how badly injured he was when the wall fell on him. He tells me that he has had no communication at all, either from the owners of the chalet next door (who owned the bulk of the wall), nor from any of the triumvirate of the Blake Cottage Trust who owned a section of the wall that also fell down. That seems extremely heartless to me.

The third thing is that I have managed to visit one of the active members of the Felpham Village Conservation Society and listened to what he had to say to me about it. Which was very interesting.

The fourth thing is that I have written to Mr Andy Camp who is currently the chairman of the FVCS, detailing my concerns over what is happening or not happening to the cottage. And I am now waiting for his reply.

I am, in short, keeping the pot a-boiling. I hope there will be more to tell you in my next.

If you’ve found anything out please tell me so that I can pass it on.













2 thoughts on “What’s happening to Blake’s Cottage part 4.

  1. Beryl: as a veteran campaigner of nearly 20 years now, may I suggest that you get the editor of your local paper onside. Letters can be written…one of the journos could knock up an articler…keep the pressure on. It’s only by going VERY public and alerting locals to what is going on, that we can manage to shame these people into action! Good luck!


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