What’s happening to Blake’s cottage part 3

This blog will have to be brief of necessity. I now know a great deal more about what is likely to happen to Blake’s cottage and its garden but I cannot say anything about it until I’m quite sure of my facts.

I held the meeting in the Memorial Hall in Felpham on Saturday and was impressed by the 20 people who turned up. They were thoughtful, knowledgeable and good tempered. We passed round what little news we had. One lady told us that all three parts of the cottage were Grade II listed another said that any repairs proposed for an old and listed building had to be passed through planning, as she knew because she lived in the oldest building in the village. As that was the case it was agreed that between us we would watch Blake’s cottage and tell one another when the planning permission form appears on the wall. So far no planning applications of any kind have been put up on the Arun District Council website, as those who’ve been watching it knew, although the planning officer told me that the new building had been ‘under discussion’.

One man took exception, rightly, to having the 1950s part of the cottage described as an ‘eye-sore’ in the handout from the Blake Cottage Trust that was featured in the local press, others who also knew the cottage well agreed with him and were opposed to the thought that it might be pulled down to make way for this luxurious half a million pound building.

But at the end of the meeting we simply agreed that we would wait and see what happens next and this is what I have told the two local reporters who have contacted me since.

When I know and can say more, I will.

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