Flash, bang, wallop, what a picture!

Every picture tells a story, so they say and this one certainly does. We had a family party at my house on Saturday and it was great from start to finish, so I thought I’d like to share it with you.

There were cakes, naturally, we could hardly celebrate three such landmark birthdays without cake.

There were flowers and lots of drink and lots of family, lots of old friends and neighbours, lots of laughter. You can’t get better than that.



There was even a bit of spontaneous musical entertainment provided by the three great-grandchildren, who were the youngest guests.


Cutting the cake was a happy ceremony and meant that we had to have a splosh more wine to wash it down.

And afterwards we three old girls posed for pictures.

Now everybody wants to know if we can celebrate 81, 86 and 86 in the same way next year! Well why not?

6 thoughts on “Flash, bang, wallop, what a picture!

  1. What a lovely cheerful post on Monday morning! Thank you so much for reminding me that life goes on despite politics, and that growing older isn’t always a negative experience (not that I ever thought that since starting to follow your blog) – and a belated set of happy birthdays to ‘the older girls’!
    As an aside, why do some feminists get so hot under the collar about being called ‘girls’. I delight in anyone still prepared to call me a girl, a much softer and friendlier term than woman.


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