The publication of the Panama papers and it’s aftermath.

This blog is a reprint of one I published on April the 10th 2016 plus a P.S. I’ve put it up again because it is as relevant now as it  was on its first appearance.

Since the revelations in the Panama papers, we now know that half of the 300,000 clients of Mossack Fouseca who were named in the leak are British. Even I was shattered by that for it’s a lot of obscenely wealthy, non-taxpaying parasites that you and I and millions of others like us, are carrying. Top of the pack, of course, is David Cameron, who was pressed for answers in the House and elsewhere and gave what Jeremy Corbyn called ‘5 weasel-worded statements in 5 days’ before he decided that he would tell a small part of the truth, carefully packaged. He did manage to admit that he owned shares in the tax haven fund, but said he’d sold them for £31,500 just before becoming PM. He and Samantha had had shares too, but they’d sold them too. He didn’t know whether the £300,000 he had inherited from his father had benefited from tax-haven status. Well fancy that!! Nothing he had done was illegal. Well of course not! After all, he makes the laws, he should know.

The truth of it is that we are all being ripped off by the obscenely rich and greedy, who are determined to pay as little tax as possible, so as to cling-on to their wealth, which is so enormous that they couldn’t spend it all even on the most ostentatious spending spree, even if they were to keep going for 10 or 20 lifetimes. If they are politicians, they are making sure that we ordinary plebs, who earn very little and certainly can’t afford to put any money we have in an offshore tax-haven, pay as much tax as they can screw out of us and are given less and less in any benefits we may have earned through the taxes and NICs we’ve already paid. It is a terrible example of there being one law for the rich and another for the rest of us. Is it any wonder that angry people are out on the streets demanding that the PM should resign. And yes, they were out this weekend, although you might have missed it because the rich man’s media was very careful not to let you see it.

There are so many rich men and women, stashing their money away. 300,000 of them. I wish I could print pictures of all the lot, so you can see who they are, but here’s a sample.

Of course, some of these fellers are nouveaux riches, celebs and sportsmen who have made their money out of big deals and see no reason why they shouldn’t hang on to all of it, but most of them, the politicians and bankers for example, know perfectly well what they are doing and fully intend to go on doing it, if they can get away with it. Thank God for our dogged, highly principled Jeremy Corbyn, who has pointed out that, if the very rich do not pay their taxes, what they are actually doing is taking money that was meant for schools and hospitals out of the pockets of ordinary people, closing libraries, running all of our necessary services down, including our precious NHS. Every time they use a road or an airport or have their rubbish collected or flush the toilet, they are using a service paid for by taxes and they need to be reminded of it. Every time they stash more money away in a tax-haven they are depriving our necessary social services of the use of it. It’s high time this dishonest dealing was stopped. And maybe that time has come. The masks are certainly slipping, the
protesters are out on the streets. The times are changing. These guys had better watch out.

Sadly, since I wrote this news broke of the death of Daphne Caruana Galizia who was a Maltese journalist and one of the team who spilled the beans in the first place. She and her car were blown up by a bomb in October 2017. It is a shockingly, dangerous business to tell the truth to power. We shouldn’t wonder that so many journalists are so craven.

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