Gobbeldegook, Newspeak and downright lies

I better warn you right at the start that this blog has fangs. It’s about the hideous way the Government has persuaded the electorate that the NHS is seriously in debt and has to make cut-backs, and the way they’ve implied it’s because the NHS has been overspending. That is simply not true. Our NICs and taxes have been handed over to private suppliers and not given to the NHS as they should have been and were designed to be. The NHS is seriously in debt – it has a £22 billion black hole so we’re told- but this has been deliberately caused by Government action. The closure of A&E departments was deliberate and led to the remaining A&E’s being put under greater pressure then they had the means to cope with. And I’m using the word ‘deliberate’ advisedly.

Bit of necessary history now because there is nothing new about this, it’s been planned for a very long time. A secret plan to privatise our NHS was given expression as long ago as 1968, when a man called Arthur Seldon – who later became Thatcher’s privatisation policy advisor – wrote a pamphlet called ‘After the NHS.’ He was followed later by Letwin and Redwood who wrote their privatisation manifesto in 1988 and called it ‘Britain’s Biggest Enterprise: ideas for radical reform of the NHS’.  I bet very few of you have heard of either of these publications. It’s all been very carefully hidden from us voting plebs, but it’s there if we can find out where to look for it and we know what the words mean.

For a start the weasel word ‘reform’ always means privatisation when it is uttered by a Tory politician. It is Newspeak and this Government is very good at it and very good at smokescreens. When they say for example that they are going to shut 34 ‘DGH’s’ what they are talking about are your district general hospitals. They think their use of capital letters will veil the truth. There is a new weasel word about nowadays too, which is being much mouthed. It is ‘devolution’ and what it means is ‘denationalised’. They are hoping we won’t notice that either. But we are getting wise to you kids!

The times are changing. Junior Doctors are now out on the streets telling it like it is. They know that their NHS is being starved of funds to put money into the pockets of rich, private medical organisations and they also know that they’re being deliberately blamed for it. They don’t like it and have finally turned.

The ambulance services are under pressure too and are saying so because parts of their service has been handed out to private tender and the genuine NHS ambulance services that are left can’t cope with the increased demands that they now have to contend with.

The 999 service has been deliberately diluted by having a large part of it handed over to 111 which is run privately and with a totally untrained staff, whose only ability is to fill in the forms they’ve been given by their bosses. Everywhere you look you will see signs of private profit being put before public need.

I will say again what I’ve said before. You cannot be half pregnant, you either are or you aren’t. If you’re going to have a health service geared to providing help at the point of need in the way our NHS was always intended, you cannot allow part of it to be private and therefore dominated by the need to make a profit. Need and greed are incompatible.

8 thoughts on “Gobbeldegook, Newspeak and downright lies

  1. As ever you are unstinting in your support for the NHS Beryl. These Tories are cruel and ideologically determined to replace our wonderful, precious Service with one run by greedy tossers wo care only about profits and are willing to hand over our taxes to their pals (and themselves) Don’t stop!


  2. Totally agree with you. The NHS (as I have reason to know) is our greatest asset. Without it, God help us all! We’d be like America and other places, doomed to take out insurance for medical care. Nightmare scenario.


  3. I am with you all the way Beryl! It is insidious how government is using propaganda so blatently to undermine public services: NHS/Education/ Local Authority Services etc.


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