Stand well back! I am repellent with germs

Stand well back! I am repellent with germs. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

The medicine cabinet is so well stocked, it’s in danger of falling over sideways.

Even a few samples, looks like a chemist’s shop. This is a very serious matter, having a cold. It needs organisation, lots of time for moaning and plenty of warm drinks,  even if I do have to sip them through a straw – oh sob, oh woe! And because the chemistry of a cold wrecks my ability to think, my computer and laptop and tablet can yell at me all they like, but it’s a waste of their time because I can’t write. Oh sob, oh sniff, oh woe! I’ve half a mind to go back to the beginning of the year and start all over again.

But at least the pills make a pretty pattern on my Christmas tablecloth.

Roll on the Spring!


2 thoughts on “Stand well back! I am repellent with germs

  1. Dear Beryl, I never think of you as having a cold (invincible?) Take good care! One advantage of the computer age is that I can send you a proper “virtual hug” and warm wishes for quick healing! As we tell our friends, stay hydrated… isn’t that romantic??? Mary


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